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your partner in developing your corporate culture

J. SHAW Enterprises understands and gives personal attention to every detail

Our commitment to delivering your ideal candidate continues beyond the hiring

forming our partnership

A referral, phone call, quick text or email... whatever or whomever brought us together, the success of our partnership depends upon building a strong foundation. We build that foundation by learning your company culture. We speak with your key executives to understand what makes your company tick. Accurately representing your vision and values in the marketplace is the key to finding the best talent for your company. After all, our goal is to find the best candidates to build out your team.
To accomplish this, we reach deep into our network of industry leading professionals and represent your company in a manner that will entice them to leave their successful position for your opportunity. We work with you to create job descriptions and establish market rates that set you apart from your competition.

game planning

We believe that each search is unique, as is your company. Therefore, we don’t rely on a “cookie cutter” model. The recruiting plan we create for each of your searches will be built around the most important components for that role. We will consult with you to establish the timeline and budget considerations for each search, as well as outline your interview process, candidate avatar(s), and culture fit.

Everyone wants the “Rock Star” candidate. A game changer who fits in with your corporate culture and adds value to your team. These industry professionals will never appear in a stack of resumes or online search. They are currently contributing significantly to another organization, perhaps your competitor. These candidates would never respond to job postings or generic recruiting emails. So, why do they pick up the phone when we call?


Because our reputation for matching the top industry talent with premier opportunities and companies commands their attention. Our reach within the commercial real estate industry is such that the candidates we call upon most likely have listened to their peers rave about how we have positively impacted their careers. Each candidate is thoroughly vetted to ensure that their experience, values, and expectations are aligned with your search criteria.

candidate selection

Your ideal candidate views the interview process as their opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see who they will be working with and how they fit in with your vision. We make this process as seamless as possible by coordinating your interview and testing schedule, considering all options for live and online meeting platforms, and providing your team with references and relevant job performance history.


We act as your intermediary in negotiating the terms of your offer, overcoming any objections, and connecting with human resources on logistical points. We protect your reputation and that of your new hire by counseling them on best practices for resigning their current position. Our commitment to delivering your ideal candidate continues beyond the hiring. We follow up to make sure that onboarding has gone smoothly, and expectations are being met.

interviews and offers

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