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J. SHAW Enterprises
executive search firm

J. SHAW Enterprises places top talent with clients in all areas of commercial real estate. We are more than an executive search firm. We are your partner in developing your corporate culture.
Hire us for our vast industry knowledge and connections. Re-hire us for our depth of understanding each role and our personal attention to detail in building out your team.

J. SHAW Enterprises mission: Work as a strategic partner with each of our clients, understanding their corporate culture and performing each search with integrity and total commitment.

Accurately representing your vision and values in the marketplace is the key to finding the best talent for your company. We strive to understand what defines your company culture. Our goal is to find the best candidates to build out your team.


"J. SHAW Enterprises was exceptionally efficient with a targeted approach to find an appropriate hire that was both a cultural and qualified fit for our company. We will absolutely include Jodi in our future search needs."

Managing Director, Vertically Integrated Owner/Operator/Developer

"Jodi introduced us to our current Head of Development and Construction, whose background, experience, and personality were an exceptional fit for our company. Working with Jodi was simple, efficient, and exciting, and we will reach out to her again for our executive level positions." 

Principal, Vertically Integrated Owner/Operator/Developer

"In consistently presenting high-quality, professional candidates for specialized roles, J.SHAW Enterprises continues to leverage our business operations while helping our firm grow.   processes, ensuring a smooth transition and overall constructive and positive experience for all parties." 

Managing Director, Real Estate Investment and Operating Company

“We love working with J. Shaw Enterprises as they consistently present qualified candidates within a short timeframe. We find them to be more efficient than other national firms as they are local to the New Jersey & New York markets and therefore have the strongest network.”

Senior Managing Director, National Industrial Developer

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